Our Steps

STEPS: How are we doing it?

“Sundays. Daily Grace. Home Groups. Live Sent.”


We know Christ, love the church, and serve the city as men, women, youth, and children. Our community gathers together as the people of God each Sunday.


We KNOW CHRIST deeply through personal rhythms of grace and a ‘rule of life’. What is a rule of life? A rule of life is a discipline by which I order my worship, work, relationships, and leisure as a pleasing sacrifice to God.


In an age of isolation and superficial relationships, Home Groups are a place to find a home with Christ and his people. These groups are scattered around the city and provide opportunities to know and be known, to LOVE THE CHURCH and be loved by the church, and provide community and care for one another.


We gather together as the church and are then sent out as the scattered people of God empowered by the Holy Spirit. We SERVE THE CITY by shining the light of Christ through mission (spiritual needs), mercy (physical needs), and making (cultural needs).

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